Sunday, April 3, 2011

School Project - Advertisement Campaign for Diesel

For this unit our task was to create an ad or campaign for some excisting company / brand. I chose Diesel which was not the most easiest of all but for me the most interesting. During the past two months I had many desperate dark moments when I thought I'm not going to pass this unit.... Diesel has its own peculiar sense of humour and style and it's not very easy to "copy".  

I did lot of research about Diesel and went through their old campaigns and ads from 90's to present. Finally, just a few days before the deadline, I got the idea that felt worth of executing (and I really didn't have too much time left). I quickly came up with many ideas for this "campaign" but they included beaches, tsunamis, small children and other kind of things that would've been hard to arrange so the final image is not the most rebellious picture of those I had in mind but i think it turned out quite nice anyway. The idea is to parody the role of mobile phones (and internet) in our culture. In wider aspect 'get connected' -campaign is about a presence, how we live our lives.

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